Mejia Mamma

The writer of this blog likes cute things, so she highlighted Michelle Magoffin’s résumé instead of mine.

Career Cycles

I was in a bathroom on the Bolt Bus when I did this radio interview (89.5 in Toronto) on my interesting job search/CV. Start at minute 34 for my interview and minute 46 to hear an anal retentive person pounding on the bathroom door.

I thought my résumé was cool, but to be mentioned as one of the top five most creative job-seekers in the world is unbelievable. Thanks so much!

Richard Blakeley gets Photobombed. It looks photoshopped…

The Next Web

This socialite thing is awesome – you can just slap all the bouncers you want.

An article about using Pinterest to get yourself out there featuring Michelle Magoffin’s CV

Popular Chinese News site with headline that translates; “Produced by the Foreign Cattle : Invincible Résumé!”

Prowl PR

Making Your Résumé Go Viral


They like the sandwich board idea. They like the infographic résumé. I should at least ask this person out on a date.

Business Insider

Business Insider saw my résumé when someone commented that they missed one when they made their last “coolest résumé list.” Both my own and Pam Bailey’s CVs are profiled.

Western Michigan University

Western Michigan’s Career blog covered my job search. I once made out with a girl from Western Michigan University – that was it though, first base. She was really cute, too.

Dickinson University

Dickinson University also liked my CV enough to highlight it in their advice for students. To my knowledge, I’ve never kissed any Dickinson students.

Yahoo Finance

OK. It’s Yahoo Finance, they’re reblogging the US News article. I’m getting more traffic from it… Is this a new press hit? Tough to say.

I’m big in Japan! I actually have never been to Japan, but I would be considered big if compared to the average-sized Japanese man). Domo arigato for the mention!


The title: 7 Ingenious Resumes That Will Make You Rethink Your CV. Not one, not two, but three of my résumés showcased in an article on Mashable – I’m so honored!


I maded a Liebenslauf. The Germans love it, or do they hate it? I don’t know. All press is good press.

US News

Creative ways to showcase your skills online. I need to make one of those “as seen on” areas on my front page with the logos…

My panel discussion was covered rather thoroughly by! Nicola tried real hard to get me to talk about the startup…

Internet Week New York

I hosted a panel talk at Internet Week on searching for work in the digital age. Everyone who was there had higher paying jobs within minutes of walking out of the room.

U30 Pro

To everyone commenting on this article who thinks my résumé is cluttered and wouldn’t work for the real world, I kindly ask them to check out my analytics. #Hatersgonnahate!


How to set up an online résumé. They like me. They really like me!

Fast Company

What you need to do to stand out in the startup economy. I would put my 2003 appearance on FuckedCompany on here as well if the link still worked.

Job Hunt Chat

What can I say, people like the résumé. I’ve also received a bunch of press for the LikeStickers as a result of people coming to this site and seeing what kind of cool projects I’m up to.


Seriously, Austria. What do I need to do to get a social media director job in Vienna? I even know a little bit of German… Hepf in meinen schlafsack!


The Germans love me. I need to get a visa sponsorship!


A German blog on trends in recruiting.

Jetzt means “now” in German. The title is “What are you hiding in your résumé?” meaning your hidden talents. According to Germany, mine is beating up Justin Biebers.

Monster decided I was a good case study and offered their praise and their advice on my job search campaign.

Regions Job

One of the top employment sites in France picked up the résumé and posted it on their blog.

Social Media Paradigm

I met Dino out in front of the Apple store and he thought this campaign woud be a fun topic for his weekly podcast.

College Job Connect

College Job Connect wants people to know it’s OK to be a #lion.

China Daily

I also write about food. China daily approached me for quotes on some of my favorite Chinese food in NYC.