Michelle Magoffin (again)

Michelle was one of my first infographic resume clients, and she’s my first to completely overhaul her resume with me. Thanks to Michelle for the inspiration on this one. I love how it turned out!



Saving the rainforest has always been cool, but it hasn’t been as much of a focus recently. We worked with Cuipo artists on bringing this to light to help them raise money to preserve the rainforest.


Amy LeRoy

When we asked Amy if she’d started using the new résumé yet, this was what happened:


Let us know when you land that perfect job, Amy!


Kraig Hansen

Kraig is a stud who makes big things happen in the interactive space. Big, impressive companies trust him with his vision and he delivers with huge numbers. His work has been seen by people on every continent save for Antarctica. Maybe Antarctica, though. We didn’t get the numbers from Antarctica.


WalMart Strike

Wealth inequality in America is a problem. The six heirs to the WalMart fortune have a greater net worth than the poorest 120,000,000 Americans. The business controls internal communications/propaganda that claims workers don’t want to unionize. This is untrue, but I don’t blame them for putting it forth. I did want to do my part to help support the workers. I made this piece in about five hours the morning of Thanksgiving 2012. Could use some more compelling statistics, but I made it on the fly.


Qello had a meeting with Facebook and needed something that really popped and showed that Qello could be a part of Facebook’s music strategy. It worked. This was my first two-page infographic.

whitney braunstein

Whitney Braunstein

Whitney does it all, from driving creative marketing for global brands at Ogilvy to starting a charity that now helps hundreds of families in Africa. We worked together to put her skills together in a cohesive package and position her marketing brilliance for easy onboarding. You want Whitney on your A team.


Sprinklr came to me about doing an eBook for them. The PDF was co-written by 30 of the leading minds in Social Media strategy and came out great! To the left is an excerpt of the document, and you can get the full doc at SlideShare by clicking on it.

Seth Adler

Seth is a dynamic guy, to say the least. A triathalete, a world traveler, a philanthropist, and a kick-ass VP of Sales. Seth wanted to have a little fun with this resume and I think we accomplished just that!

Seth Adler’s résumé was featured here as an example of a good infographic on a UK Career Site’s blog about creating an infographic résumé!

Luciano Grilo

Luciano is quickly dominating the world of foodstuff distribution and I am happy to be a part of his awesomeness. I feel blessed working with such quality people on their CVs! He wanted a printable version as well, so we moved the layout around a bit and did that for him, too.

Sarah Carrington

Sarah is an English ghostwriter who works with plenty of high-profile clients. She wanted something that showed off her personality while still talking about how awesome she was at she cranking out the work on-time and with excellence. She loves it!

Anne Bala

Anne is a total Bala! She rocked a bunch of digital campaigns for her last company with huge ROIs and she renovates houses in her free time. She definitely has the blueprints for digital marketing success!

Ann just got back to me, saying “My infographic has been a big hit and a great conversation starter. After working as a consultant for them since May, Grand Circle Travel made me a VP of Digital Marketing in September.



These guys hired me for an earth day promotion. My first corporate infographic – more of these to come!

Peter Bell

Peter was a psychologist, then he was a salesman, then he was a marketer, then he was a JAVA developer, now he’s the most kick-ass CTO the world has ever seen. Watch out for this guy.

Oscar Medina

Oscar’s is a rags to riches story if there ever was one. A self-taught former Microsoft engineer, he now runs his own company developing Sharepoint applications for Windows and the Windows Phone. He wanted something retro-classy, so we decided to Mad Men Himself and go for a 50s theme. It’s more of a bio than a resume. You can click the image to see the full, static version or go to Oscar’s site to see a dynamic version.

Michelle Magoffin

Michelle is a person who drives big changes and has some big numbers to back up impressive customer wins. She was moving from California to Austin and wanted to make a splash in the community with something that wasn’t the norm. When I saw Visio on her résumé, I immediately thought “Flowchart!”

Michelle’s résumé has been featured many places, including Business Insider.

Pam Bailey

Pam came to me and wanted to show that she could apply her stellar track record as a marketing specialist to working with non-profit organizations. Her life has been an interesting journey, most recently spending time in the Gaza Strip teaching female students journalism. What better way to show how well she could tell the story of the causes she will be representing than to tell the story of Pam?

Isabel Haeberling

Isabel is a PhD. who attends an American conference of researchers each year where the doctors hand out boring white sheets of paper about their interesting topics. She saw what I was doing with CVs and thought it could apply to this conference. Instead of a one pager, we came up with a tri-fold idea that not only showcased her data, but also encouraged collaboration on future projects, and that’s the goal of any conference, right?

Meghan Molino

Meghan had a short track record of developing big things with major impact on her employers’ bottom lines. She’d been doing EVERYTHING having to do with these various products from start to finish, so her résumé looked like it lacked focus, even though huge gains were made on her watch. I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to brand her as a “Product Launch Specialist.” We decided to focus on three projects/products, take the reader through the product launch cycle, and highlight those wins visually.

Meghan’s résumé was featured on Mashable and also landed her a position at American Express!

Jon Cropper

Jon actually gave me the idea for my own résumé and liked what I did so much, he became my first client. He had a two page CV with ample career experience and a ton of high-flying brands scattered throughout his experience. I presented him with the idea that he should segment and highlight those brands in a section on the resume. It’s a powerful statement to say that these multinational, best-in-class companies trust Jon to represent their brands.

Jon’s resume was featured on Mashable

Hagan Blount

Of course, you’ve seen this one before…