Some kind words these fine people had to say about my work.

Peter Bell

“I was referred to Hagan through Meghan Molino, who had her résumé done as well. I was really impressed with how he transformed my work history into a cohesive picture of the impact my multiple facets can have when working with high-impact tech organizations. I\’d recommend him to anyone in search of their dream job.”

Peter Bell – Evangelist/Hacker, HackNY.org

Luciano Grilo

“We had only a few weeks to get my CV updated for a big job opportunity overseas. We didn\’t make it in the allotted time, but before I could mention it, he refunded my rush payment without being asked. He got me the finished document to me days later, and I couldn\’t be happier with the result. Hagan is an honorable person and a pleasure to work with.”

Luciano Grilo – General Manager Of Central America & The Caribbean, Diageo

Michelle Magoffin

“I had so many inquiries about my résumé from the press it received that I decided to start working for myself. I\’ve received such great feedback on my résumé, and Pinterest loves it! I\’m never surprised when someone emails me after seeing my CV somewhere I didn\’t know it existed online.”

Michelle Magoffin – Founder, Bossy Interactive

Meghan Paul

“I as soon as I saw Hagan\’s work, I knew it was exactly what I needed to give job search an extra kick. I trusted Hagan to revamp my personal brand, and I couldn\’t be happier with the results! I got the exact job I was going for thanks in part to my new résumé.”

Meghan Paul – Manager of Product & Operations at Ordr.in

John Routhier

“I wanted to differentiate myself from other candidates and find a way to accurately reflect my achievements and when I saw Hagan\’s work online, it really stood out. I only had a week to turn it around, but he was able to quickly understand my goals and needs for how my resume should be composed. Your résumé is an advertisement for yourself; when you\’re going into an interview for a big sales or marketing opportunity these days, going in with a traditional résumé is not enough to distinguish yourself.”

John Routhier – VP of Sales and Marketing at Forerun Systems

Anne Bala

“My infographic resume has been a big hit and a great conversation starter! After working as a consultant for them since May, Grand Circle Travel made me a VP of Digital Marketing in September. Lots of work ahead for me there; I\’m super excited!”

Anne Bala, VP Marketing – Grand Circle Corporation

Sarah Carrington

“As a copy editor and writer, one of the things I do is rethink and fine-tune CVs for people, but sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes on a concept to get it moving in the right direction (especially when it comes to talking about yourself). Hagan crafted a beautiful, articulate CV for me that is now the centerpiece for my personal brand. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an infographic is worth so much more.”

Sarah Carrington – Freelance Writer & Communications Specialist

John Marchica

“I was stalled in my search and looking for a fresh perspective when I came across Hagan. The final product was astounding! He approached my career in ways I hadn\’t thought of. It\’s the perfect conversation starter when meeting new prospects or reconnecting with established business relationships.”

John Marchica – Partner at Launch Factory, LLC